Looking at git-annex's roadmap, which item seems most important to you?

Also feel free to write in an item from the todo list instead.

speed improvements (35%)

improve tree export (1%)

importing trees from special remotes (4%)

improve adjust --hide-missing interface (2%)

improve Windows support (13%)

more/collection of special remotes (0%)

deltas (8%)

Improve assistant on macos (2%)

I'm good without any of those (11%)

sharing files outside of git-annex easily (12%)

sync over tor (1%)

LFS API support (2%)

git-annex-assistant improvements (0%)

Improve installation. What about static linked compiled binaries for a few archs like I get with Go binaries? (0%)

git repo tracking (not storage) (0%)

Lower-case extension for SHA256E and similar. Also, simple way to make sure no big file is ever committed in regular git storage. This is simply too costly to recover from when each copy of a repo is a multi terabyte hard disks with a million+ of files, some in the 10-100kB range, some in the 10-40MB range. (0%)

Speed up transfer of many small files. (0%)

Total votes: 232