git-annex is now 8 years old, and has a good number of users. What general area do you think development should focus on now?

just general maintenance, keep it working and fix bugs (13%)

make it easier for nontechnical users (31%)

make it more suitable for collaboration inside larger groups/organizations (ie, game developers, scientists, archivists) (19%)

port it to more platforms (0%)

performance (15%)

reliability (4%)

improve the existing ports (3%)

improve documentation (5%)

get more of the functionality merged into vanilla git, to have at least rudimentary interactions with git-only users (1%)

reliability features (e.g. being able to query when a file was last fsck'd on any device, consistent hashing to shard across devices) (2%)

features that widen applicability to data storage problems that are not currently well-served (think outside the box, eg. system backups, media galleries, large file sharing via email) (1%)

The documentation on configuration was not easy for me to use. I had to jump around lots of man pages to figure out how to specify a config option and where to place it. (0%)

metadata fast cache to make it usable on mid-large repos (0%)

Total votes: 238