If a problem is preventing you from using git-annex, or the git-annex assistant, please indicate it here.

If you're currently using git-annex, you can instead answer on behalf of less technically adept friends or family, and identify a problem blocking them from using the git-annex assistant.

too hard to install (2%)

too hard to use (17%)

not good enough documentation (5%)

because of a bug (that has been reported) (2%)

because of a bug (that's not been reported yet) (2%)

because I don't think it's ready (2%)

don't trust the assistant (12%)

either git-annex gets confused often, or I do, so my use of it has started to stagnate (10%)

not issues personally, but people don't see (or realize they need) the immense benefits it provides :) (22%)

git-annex has many power features and good documentation of these features, but lacks many tutorials (like the walkthrough) showing new users how to tie the features together (10%)

without v7 there is a bit too much friction for non-technical user's file syncing needs. once v7 hits Debian stable etc. that will change. exciting times are ahead. (5%)

git alone is hard to grasp for a novice, with git-annex symlinks, locked/unlocked states, now adjusted branches -- it goes way too far to even grasp concepts. So hard to advice to naive users who did not yet get fascinated by git itself (5%)

do not work well over smb (0%)

git is not quite right as a data model, so there's lots of minor to serious friction when using git-annex to share data between different users or even just different contexts that want different views of the same data (0%)

problem with filenames across OSes (e.g., colons work with Linux but not under Windows) (0%)

difficult to use with Files/Nautilus (copy or drag&drop actually copies the symlink) (0%)

Integration with operating system not convenient enough. (0%)

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Total votes: 140

(Note that missing ports covers ports to IOS etc, so don't add them here.)