If a problem is preventing you from using git-annex, or the git-annex assistant, please indicate it here.

If you're currently using git-annex, you can instead answer on behalf of less technically adept friends or family, and identify a problem blocking them from using the git-annex assistant.

too hard to install (3%)

too hard to use (5%)

not good enough documentation (14%)

because of a bug (that has been reported) (2%)

because of a bug (that's not been reported yet) (0%)

because I don't think it's ready (0%)

The only use for the assistant would be in combination with a good, native, fully automagic Android version which includes some sort of native UI (19%)

Performance with many files is somewhat meh (15%)

The lack of selective file sync (ie, git annex get and git annex drop) is what prevents me from using the Assistant (8%)

I use the command line, and find it difficult to show others how to use the git-annex assistant (9%)

new things are scary (0%)

have lost files in the past (very likely because of my own messing about) and although it's straightforward to restart from a healthy clone, i'm always a bit anxious about messing things up (7%)

preferred content settings are very wonky and make automation much harder (2%)

Tried it once for a few weeks... didn't work reliably back then (~2 years ago) (1%)

Too hard to use. But it *is* a tool for the more tech adept, so that is not a problem in my perception. Don't trade the powerfulness for average user compatibility. Fire-and-forget solutions exist like sand at the seeside. (1%)

inconsistent handling of file metadata (mtime, mostly) (1%)

doesn't seem able to handle hundreds of offline archives (e.g., burnt CDs/DVDs) well (1%)

breaking with external plugins in the past (Glacier) (0%)

Handling of encrypted repositories can be difficult (0%)

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Total votes: 153

(Note that missing ports covers ports to IOS etc, so don't add them here.)