git-annex is now 5 years old, and has a good number of users. What general area do you think development should focus on now?

just general maintenance, keep it working and fix bugs (7%)

make it easier for nontechnical users (29%)

make it more suitable for collaboration inside larger groups/organizations (ie, game developers, scientists, archivists) (16%)

port it to more platforms (2%)

Make a GUI for managing single files and directories. I.e. a way for people to choose what files should be downloaded via the web app (12%)

Still needs more polish -- install and config complicated and slightly flaky (6%)

performance (18%)

make it safer -- it routinely does the wrong thing in merging (resurrecting deleted files and deleting newly added files) (4%)

I'd really like the compilation setup to be a lot easier, maybe with some kind of ./configure that could identify missing software. Haskell is a pretty unknown world to me, but I'd love to get it to compile properly so I could betatest or even provide some patches. (0%)

***Parallel Transfers over SSH*** (0%)

Total votes: 164