git-annex runs on many operating systems: Linux, OS X, BSDs, Android, and Windows. However, some ports are further along than others.

If there's a device on which you cannot use git-annex today, because the port to an OS is missing or incomplete, please pick it. Please don't vote for an OS where you already successfully use git-annex.

I'm good -- git-annex runs on my OS of choice! (42%)

Windows (16%)

Android (17%)

Apple iOS (4%)

Synology NAS (6%)

OpenSolaris (0%)

Firefox OS (1%)

raspberry (3%)

Symbian S60 5th (0%)

MeeGo (1%)

SailfishOS (1%)

Qnap NAS (0%)

ChromeOS (0%)

Mac OS (Snow Leopard) (0%)

AIX, Power8-based platforms, ones without enough disk to fully build and install Haskell, and some others. (0%)

FreeNAS plugin (0%)

Maemo (0%)

Total votes: 307