Looking at git-annex's roadmap, which item seems most important to you?

improved special remote interface (10%)

xmpp security (3%)

Windows assistant and webapp (16%)

gpg key management in assistant (0%)

ssh password prompting in assistant (2%)

get Android out of beta (17%)

fixed size chunks to avoid leaking file size info (0%)

faster syncing of modified versions of files (deltas) (14%)

not needing twice disk space of repo in direct mode [ It doesn't need that! -- Joey ] (5%)

xmpp security, again because most people haven't read and realized how important this is (5%)

Scalability - better handling of a huge number of files (8%)

better documentation/howtos (6%)

partial content control, so I can manage music etc. on my Android device (3%)

more usability improvements (2%)

more plumbing so that we can experiment with other workflows, concepts and user interfaces (1%)

Total votes: 157