How do you get git-annex installed?

From a prebuilt version on this website (21%)

I build from source (9%)

I install the version provided by my OS distributor (33%)

I don't know; it was installed for me (0%)

homebrew -> cabal (4%)

from the ubuntu PPA (5%)

The version from the Arch Linux AUR (6%)

From official debian repositories (18%)

debian testing or sid on Ubuntu (0%)

Compiling from source sucks if one needs to build the haskell compiler first (which unlike c/c++-compilers are not standard) (0%)

FreeBSD port (0%)

Gentoo, so I use the version provided by the gentoo-haskell overlay, yet I compile it (0%)

Total votes: 332

If you install it using different methods at different times, pick the method you use most frequently.